Accurately Automate Your Ordering Process


Import vendor order guides, bid sheets, price lists or invoices to receive the most recent pricing, automatically and accurately.
Choose from 4 possible upload options.


Your vendors send the data directly to us online, where it gets immediately imported.


NxtEdge automatically connects to your online portal daily and downloads all of your pricing.


Vendors email weekly price lists, bid sheets and order guides directly to the NxtEdge System.


Vendor pricing is taken directly from your vendor’s last invoice price.

Simply Upload Your Pricing Guides

  • Easy to Upload

  • Real-Time Transfer

  • Vendor Specific

  • Automated Setup

  • No Additional Work

  • & More…


Compare a variety of products by vendor, broken down to the lowest common denominator.
Multiple vendors means better choices.

Order Guide Detail

Vendor Name
Invoice and P.O #
Extra Charges / Freight
Invoice Total

Line Item Detail

Vendor Description
Vendor Item #
Case vs. Each
Pack and Size
Quantity & Catch Weight
Price Per Unit

Get all Your Pricing Data in One Place – Automatically

Once the order guides is received by NxtEdge, the vendor’s details are is imported into the system in real time.

  • Product Code

  • Description

  • Pack and Size

  • Price per Pound

  • Case or Each

Intelligent Software that Works for You

Nxtedge proprietary software instantly identifies and automatically updates pricing changes:

  • Price Increases

  • New Items

  • Out of Stocks

Are You Really Getting the Best Value?

NxtEdge reads the vendor’s pack and size, and breaks the data down to the lowest common denominator.

From there, you can:

  • Compare pricing data

  • Know the best quality and price

  • Set preferred vendors

Instantly Compare Products and Pricing

  • Centralized Data

  • Multi-Level Invoice Approval

  • Split GL Codes

  • P.O to Invoice Discrepency

  • Audit Trail

  • Accurate Pack / Size


With a few clicks on your PC or tablet, create purchase orders and submit them directly to multiple purveyors at once.
Chose the best price and quality.

Intelligently Order From the Best Suppliers.

  • Accounting Integration

  • Food Cost

  • Accurate Inventory

  • Full Inventory Management

  • Link Multiple Vendor Items to One Inventory Product

  • Reporting

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