Accurately Automate Your Inventory Control Process


Combine shelf-to-sheet inventory counts from multiple users through any mobile device or by hand, online or offline.
Choose from 3 possible ways to connect.


Compatible with most Apple Devices


Compatible with most Android Devices


Hand counted using pen and paper

Quickly Count Your Inventory

  • Multiple Users

  • Mobile Compatible

  • Variable Costing Methods

  • Automated Setup

  • Works On/Offline

  • & More…


Easily Combine, sort and edit inventory – with a full audit trail.
Cut Counting Time in Half.
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Invoice Detail

Vendor Name
Invoice and P.O #
Extra Charges / Freight
Invoice Total

Line Item Detail

Vendor Description
Vendor Item #
Case vs. Each
Pack and Size
Quantity & Catch Weight
Price Per Unit

Process Information Intelligently

  • Consolidated Counts

  • Multiple Reports

  • Audit Trail


Inventory, cost of goods and usage reporting.
Information gets exactly where it needs to go.
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Accounting Integration

Vendor Mapping
Chart of Accounts
Vendor Terms
Manual or Scheduled Export

Inventory Management

Parent Inventory Product
Last Price or Average Price
Custom Count Sheets
Offline Mobile Counting
Manual Price Overrides
Pack and Size

Receive Accurate Data Delivery

  • Multiple Report Types

  • PDF / CSV Export

  • And More…

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