Take Your
Invoicing Process
to the Nxt Level.

With Smart Automation from NxtEdge.

Convert your food and supplies invoices from paper to digital
plus real-time inventory updates and exports to accounting.

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Take Your
Invoice Process
to the Nxt Level.

With Smart Automation from NxtEdge.

Easily Automate Your Manual Invoicing Process.

Go From Invoice to Inventory and Accounting with ZERO Data Entry.

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Upload single or batched invoices using a computer, scan with a smart phone, attach to an email, or through direct connection with your vendor.

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Sophisticated optical character recognition automation technology processes the invoice along with line item details in real-time.

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The invoice is exported and distributed exactly where it needs to go – accounting for payables and accurate inventory management.

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What is the Average Cost of Invoice Processing?

Companies that use little or no automation when processing invoices tend to spend more than $10 per invoice, while companies that have little to no manual steps in their AP process spend $2 or less per invoice, according to data from theĀ American Productivity & Quality Center.

That means if you have not automated your payments process, you could potentially reduce your AP overhead by 90%.

Therefore, the cost to process an invoice is such a key metric.

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What Causes High Invoice Processing Costs?

5 Costly Factors in the AP Process:

  1. Manually doing tasks on paper
  2. Manually matching invoice data and accounting software data
  3. Manually matching invoice and PO data
  4. Paper-based Approvals
  5. Clunky or Outdated AP Software

Why Automate Your Invoice Process?

  • Accurate Reporting

  • No Manual Data Entry

  • Reduce Errors & Late Payments

  • Saves Time

  • Saves Costs

  • Audit Trail

  • Security / Fraud Protection

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Why Partner With NxtEdge?

  • Flexibility & Control

  • Real-Time Processing

  • Accuracy of Data & Reporting

  • Customer Service