Frequently Asked Questions

What is NxtEdge?2023-06-21T18:33:55+00:00

NxtEdge is a comprehensive restaurant management platform designed to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

What are the main components of the NxtEdge?2023-06-21T18:38:51+00:00
What is NxtEdge Vendor Price Comparison?2023-06-21T18:38:01+00:00

NxtEdge Vendor price comparison compares your vendor pricing automatically and saves Restaurants, Country Clubs, Casinos, Cruise Ships and any other industry that buys food and supplies 8-12% off purchasing

What is NxtEdge Invoice Automation?2023-06-23T01:25:02+00:00

NxtEdge Invoice Automation takes the Restaurants, Country Clubs, Casinos, Cruise Ships any other industry that buys food and supplies invoices from paper to digital in real time to update inventory and export to accounting

What is NxtEdge Inventory Management?2023-06-23T01:25:26+00:00

NxtEdge Inventory management takes Restaurants, Country Clubs, Casinos, Cruise Ships any other industry that buys food and supplies inventory to the Nxtlevel.  Counting on a smart phone or devise makes inventory easy and convenient.

How does NxtEdge Ordering work?2023-06-23T01:26:09+00:00

NxtEdge Ordering aggregates all available data, enabling managers to see updated vendor pricing all on one screen, automatically compare multiple vendors and place orders with the click of a button.

What Vendors does NxtEdge work with?2023-06-23T01:26:41+00:00

NxtEdge can work with any vendor that can supply their product codes, product description, pack/size and price in a readable.  Vendor can email their pricing or have it available for download on their web site.

Can NxtEdge update pricing automatically?2023-06-23T01:27:36+00:00

Yes all Pricing is automatically updated via the vendor’s web site or their emailed order guide.

What happens if the vendor does not supply pricing?2023-06-23T01:28:01+00:00

NxtEdge can create a bid sheet for the vendor to send in or the software can use the last invoice price.

Why is comparing based on bid price better than last invoice price?2023-06-23T01:30:21+00:00

Comparing on last invoice price has a lot of draw backs.  The 1st is that the prices you are looking at only take into consideration the product that you have bought in the past, so if you have never purchased something before you are not comparing that.  The second reason is that the

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